General Info 實用資訊

We understand being new to a country or location you will have many questions and concerns about your new home. Below are some useful information that can be of help.


When renting an apartment in Macau through a broker the procedure is easy. Once you have decided on a property you like, a written contract (usually in Chinese and English) will be provided listing all conditions and clauses. A deposit equivalent of 2 month rent is required which is kept by the landlord and later returned once the lease expires. You will be also asked for a 1 month advanced rent payment and the agent fees before moving in. The remaining rental payments for the duration of your lease are to be paid on a monthly basis directly to the landlord.
Since February 2018 all contract leases have to be notarized.


Although you will be responsible for the payment of utility bills such as water electricity and gas, these will be kept under the landlords name who is the one opening a contract with each provider company. The bills will be sent to your postal box.
Water an electricity can be paid at CEM shops or at any convenience store (7 eleven or Circle K). Gas bills however have to be paid at the corresponding gas company.
For other utilities such as Internet or Cable TV, contracts will be done under your name. To avoid the hassle of paying month by month is recommended that you put extra value on your provider account from which will be automatically discounted each month.


International Education Center (IEC)
Learn with Me Macau (LWMM)
Please see our facebook page at Learn with me, Macau or UPDATES page

Saint Anthony’s English Kindergarden
The International School of Macau (TIS)
School of the Nations
Macau Anglican College (MAC)
Macau Sam Yuk Middle and Senior school


Bellow are some medical providers in Macau. Although the list does not cover all medical providers in Macau these are among the most popular used by expats. Be aware that payment at the time of service will be asked and the insurance coverage will depend on your provider arrangements with these centers.

Hospital Conde S. Januario- public hospital
Kiang Wu Hospital- private hospital
Macau Univeristy of Science and Technology Hospital – private hospital
South Medical Centre
Genesis Healthcare medical center
Hope Clinic


Bus. The public bus system is convenient although can get easily crowded at pick times. You can get all info on routes and fees at the following page Private buses operated by major casinos offer free shuttle services from the ferry terminal, Gombei border and Macau airport to hotels.

Taxi. As most drivers will not speak English is advised to have the address written in Cantonese for easier understanding.

There are 2 kind of taxi services, the “black cabs” which can be taken on the street and “radio taxi” which are blue vans only available if you arrange them previously by phone (28812345) or through their app.

Ferries. from Macau provide easy and reliable transport to Hong kong, HK airport and China. In foggy and bad weather days the service might be suspended. The two major companies are: TURBOJET and COTAI JET.

Airplains. Macau International airport. It offers flights to near by destinations in China and around Asia, operating mainly with budget airlines.


Macau is a small place so you could easily get around by walk and using some public transport however if you like to own a car, second hand cars are easily found for very competitive prices. Parking downtown however is becoming a headache and you will have to find a permanent parking place at your building.
To obtain your drivers permit in Macau, you’ll need to show your national drivers licence and ID or passport and resister at the Police Traffic Department in Macau . There is no fee and the duration of the permit will be for 1 year (2×6 months permit). Driving in Macau is left side as in HongKong.


Smar Tone
China Telecom
Hutchinson Telecom




General emegency: 999
Ambulance: 28-378-311 / 28-577-199
Fire station: 28-572-222
Police station 28-573-333
Macau ferry terminal 28-726-416
Immigration Enquries 28-725-488
Crime Report Hotline 28-577-577


Water provider
Electricity provider
Gas providers
Macau cable TV
Animal control and inspection
City guide