About Us 關於我們

MACAU RENT is the brand name used by the Real Estate Agency  “Universal Dragon Property Agency Co. Ltd.” All our consultants are highly experienced and hold a valid Macau license of Real Estate Agents.

Based in Macau, we provide property services to locals and expats that are looking to rent or buy a property in Macau.We specialize in finding homes that suit our clients needs and within budget.

We understand how difficult it can be when relocating to a different country or location that you may not be familiar with, our Agency will be delighted to assist you in getting started and providing you with the essential information onto your new journey.

Our professional services are not limited to the listed properties advertised in this page, but also to provide you with a multi-faceted option when selecting your new home. Once understanding your requirements, we will provide a personalized market search for you which will make your transition seamless.Therefore we look forward to the opportunity to serve you and provide you with the golden key to your new home.